Asha Mone

Asha Mone, fashion and music photographer, writer, and designer kicked off her career in fashion production at the age of 16.  She received a Fashion and Business Degree from FIDM and then quit the production lifestyle to be a freelance creator as a 23rd birthday present to herself. 

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Julia Stotz

California-native, Julia Stotz left Chicago for the first eight years of her adulthood and all the while, she continued to be puzzled at why people wanted to live in Los Angeles. It wasn't until she returned to her roots after midwest living, that she finally understood all the city had to offer. 

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Ann Shen

Ann Shen has been dreaming up stories since childhood and has worked with a handful of publications and brands. Her first book, Bad Girls Throughout History hit the shelves September 2016 and there's another on the way. 

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Illustrator, AuthorCasha Doemland