Jella Roson


Name: Jella Roson

Current City: Westwood, CA

Hometown: Glendale, CA

Occupation: Jewelry designer, Metalsmith & Mother

Jella is Filipino American mother, jewelry designer, and maker who strongly believes in the power of love and people. "So much of my life is centered around family, art activities, food, and love." 

What’s the origin story of honey my heart?
honey my heart began as a wedding blog back in 2008 when I was preparing and blogging all the details, crafts, designs of my wedding - it was the perfect creative outlet while I was working full time at UC Santa Barbara. Once I was married and all the wedding details were complete, I yearned to create. With so much of my energy and time dedicated to producing and documenting my wedding, I wanted to do more.  I played with the idea of photography and stationery design, and then designing jewelry came into mind (jewelry is my favorite accessory). I started simple, with charms, pearls, gemstones and beads, but always used quality 14k gold filled and sterling silver. I did a few craft shows and felt there was something there. I took many trips to DTLA's Jewelry District and had a studio session with a jewelry designer friend before beginning metalsmithing. Now my jewelry is all 14k gold, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver. Each piece is made in small batches by me in my home studio. We have participated in countless craft fairs, markets, and trade shows in California, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City. We are in independent boutiques around California and have been carried by Free People.

Photo courtesy of  @honeymyheart

Photo courtesy of @honeymyheart

Photo courtesy of  @honeymyheart

Photo courtesy of @honeymyheart

What are some of the favorite pieces you created?
I love my classic pieces: the mini heart x2 necklace and the arc rings. I'm also really loving all of the fun earrings in the current collection: the tiny hoop huggers, the initial threaders. The versatility and design of the new earrings make me so happy.

Who are some of your favorite creatives to collaborate with?
Utterly Engaged Magazine

Let’s dive into the future, describe your best life.
I want to live a life that is full of goodness. One where I can continue to create pieces that have meaning and bring joy to those who wear them. And days spent with family and friends, good food, smiles, sun and peace.

What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to jump and how did you navigate through each?
Refining my style in jewelry design was one obstacle. I knew the style and design aesthetic I liked but had to take a lot of time in the studio and solder a lot to develop something that is true honey my heart. I've also had a hard time balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. It's definitely a give and take, where some days it's more motherhood and others it's more business. Yet, knowing there is no true balance and that you have to keep figuring it out/remain flexible as you go along is key. So, the balance is finding what I love and doing what feels right.

Are there any fun pop ups/release of new products coming up that you’d like to readers to know about? 
I will be at Unique LA's Holiday Market in December, and will be premiering more new gemstone threader earrings at the market!


When you’re not grinding, you’re touring SoCal with your daughter Hannah and it’s wonderful. What are some of your favorite adventures?
Santa Barbara is my favorite place. We try to visit a few times a year to enjoy the food, beach and light. I went to college, made the best friends, got married and began my career in SB, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. But I grew up in LA, so LA has my heart. I love the museums (Hammer, LACMA), the diversity, the food (LASA, Creme Caramel LA, Ricebar, Scoops, Kogi), the drinks (Matcha Bar, Volcano Tea, The Boba Truck, Midori Matcha), the events, the parks (Grand Park, Tongva Park, Westwood Park) and the neighborhoods.

Discuss the importance of female friendships in your life. 
It's about surrounding yourself with amazing, inspiring women. Women that work hard, lift you up and believe in you. A lot of my maker/designer friends are women, most of whom are jewelry designers. I think we all know the hustle and the drive that goes into running your own business and creating. They're all very positive and share their experiences and stories.

Who are some of your greatest influences?
The women in my family, Hannah, Michelle Obama, activist Yuri Kochiyama, Professor Diane Fujino.

If you could have dinner with any woman in history, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
My Lala (grandmother) because I miss her. 

What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for the opportunity to live the life that I want, the privilege of education, my family and friends.

Quote to live by?
Stay gold.


To follow Jella & Hannah's adventure, peep her Instagram. Interested in jewelry? Shop honey my heart here