We are Phenomenal sets out to tell the stories of women and Non-binary individuals around the globe via personal stories and essays. 


The project originally launched in November 2016 after the election as a mini-series where six women from across the globe defined women empowerment in a personal essay. 

In late October of 2017, Casha decided to relaunch We Are Phenomenal with a dozen curated Q&A's as a way to pay it forward and showcase the journey of remarkable women and non-binary folks as authentically as possible. 


Our Mantra


We are artists, mothers, poets, designers, dreamers, accountants, students, athletes, chefs, daughters, friends and sisters. 

We are individuals who defy the boundaries set by society. Individuals who promote change within our communities and give back. 
Individuals who create a better tomorrow. 

Above all, we are individuals who support one another. 

Who We Are

Casha Doemland


LA-born, Georgia-bred and one-half of a set of identical twins, Casha spends her days writing, exploring or climbing. She's a classic film enthusiast, lover of poetry, world traveler and collector of quotes and tattoos. 

To learn more about her, check out her website!