Empowerment Co. 3

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This week, we're discussing empowerment.



Sophie Hard
Tattoo Artist
I believe that empowerment is at its highest presence when steps are taken both inward and outward. The first step is to live with impeccable integrity; be who you tell people you are. Show up on time (and communicate if you’re going to be late), do what you said you were going to do both for others and yourself. You can’t be empowered or empower others if you aren’t living by your word. If you can’t live by your word, then what do you have to offer the world?

The other piece of this empowerment puzzle is making sure that you genuinely want the best for others. Coming from a place of wanting people to be happy and successful, even those you’ve had challenging experiences with, will give you the freedom that allows you to be empowered, empower others, and experience fulfillment. When you are fulfilled, you are empowered...and you can shine that energy onto those around you!


Daisy Noemi
This is a great question! To me, empowerment means picking yourself up when you’ve fallen over and over again. Not letting failure stop the pursuit of your dreams and passions. Admitting when you’re wrong. Learning to listen. Honesty. Showing up when it counts. Uplifting your friends. Making time for family both. Making mistakes. Getting older. Growing more comfortable in your own skin as the years go on. Slowing down. Being kind. Intentional decision making. Having fun. Letting go. Sleeping in. To-do lists. Taking control. Telling yourself you deserve it.

I know, I know. We all know this stuff, right? I think we do, too! It seems like all of these obvious doings and affirmations get buried in our day-to-day because we’re busy trying to pay the bills, organize our time, and be happy. It’s taken me quite some time to acknowledge how simple it is to exist intentionally and truly make myself happy. And to me, that is the most powerful thing I could do for myself.

Casha Doemland