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We Are Phenomenal is proud to announce the newest segment, Quick Qs. Once a month (or twice), I’ll reach out to women across the world and ask them one question. The question will vary each month with the goal to inspire or spark a conversation about a topic at hand. 

The inaugural question:

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Photo courtesy of  Kaylene Langford

Photo courtesy of Kaylene Langford

Kaylene Langford
Founder of StartUp Creative
Women empowerment is pretty simple really. 
It’s when women feel as if they are capable of living their wildest dreams & knowing that anything they desire is truly possible. When women come together in sisterhood to love, support and uplift each other with this energy, we become unstoppable. Women are truly magnificent beings and with their divine feminine energetic can make this world a vibrant, sexy, fun and creative place to live. As more women rise up and step into their power, mountains will be moved.

Photo courtesy of  Jessee Fish

Photo courtesy of Jessee Fish

Jessee Fish
Graphic Designer at Razorfish & Freelance
Empowerment, to me, means being emboldened to be your entire person instead of chipping away bits of yourself to make room for others’ expectations. Empowerment consists of recognizing the humanity and fallibility and wonder of a woman instead of putting her on a pedestal or a rung below. It comes with the responsibility of protecting all benign forms of expression, both masculine and feminine, understanding that the two can exist in tandem. This means supporting and defending women of color, our trans sisters, our sisters with boob jobs, 5 kids, no kids, hippie-dippie artists and corporate career women, our brothers who embrace vulnerability and gentleness and beauty. And it especially means we must perpetually push back against racist, sexist, and capitalist systems that exploit and limit womanhood.

Photo courtesy of Imani Quinn

Photo courtesy of Imani Quinn

Imani Quinn
Designer & Founder of SWAJE
The ability to lift other women up and support them, creating a community that is based on intentional intersectionality. Embracing all women not only with our words but also with our actions. How do we actively make choices that visibly show how our space represents multiple backgrounds and perspectives of women? Being a woman is about living and speaking your truth while sharing it with others and giving them the space to do the same, all in love. Being a woman is realizing that it's complex, but never too difficult to admit our own shortcomings without judgment, and with an eagerness to grow from where we're at. Love the women you hate, you admire, you envy, you long for because she is all a part of you.


Jessica Kasparian
As women, we have loads of stereotypes thrown at us. We're too emotional, we're too ambitious, too impatient. I think women empowerment is reclaiming those stereotypes, and in some cases, shattering them. The world tells us every day that we should make ourselves smaller as to not make anyone else uncomfortable. Empowerment is fighting every urge to succumb to the notion that we deserve to be silenced, that we should make ourselves smaller. We are not "too much" just because you cannot handle us. Recognizing this and helping other women come to that same conclusion about themselves is empowerment.

Casha Doemland