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This week, we're bringing it back to empowerment with the same question:

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Photo courtesy of  Sierra Santana

Photo courtesy of Sierra Santana

Sierra Santana
Actress & Model
An empowered woman has the courage and conviction to stand for, speak and live her truth. To be empowered isn't about being fearless but rather having the audacity to strive to your full potential. She doesn't shrink herself to ease the small minds around her. She doesn't round her edges to be more palatable or to blend in. She shines in all facets of her being and has the gall to own her vulnerability, her ambition, and her sexuality on her terms. An empowered woman is whatever the hell she wants to be.

Photo courtesy of  Chandra Anderson  Photographer:  Vanessa Acosta

Photo courtesy of Chandra Anderson
Photographer: Vanessa Acosta

Chandra Anderson
Founder of The Model Behavior
Women empowerment starts with self – having uplifting and positive inner dialogue is paramount. We should constantly be working to remove any negative affirmations we have picked up along the way because our brains manifest what we tell them. So, if you say you can't do it/aren't good at it, know that while you sleep your mind is working hard to make that true. Genuine support of other women will transcend with personal self-worth, work and love. Afterall, how you can love and support others if you don't do the same for yourself?

Women empowerment is a beautiful thing, and when you hire and train women, lend your time, lead with compassion, pay them what they are worth and create uplifting platforms that support women. Until we begin to consciously weave women empowerment into our society, in all aspects of life, we must always ask ourselves: how have we included a diverse group of women?

Highlighting and supporting established women in their respective fields is amazing. It's also imperative to uplift and honor women at different stages of their journey. All women. All sizes. All ages, ethnicities and abilities. No matter where they live.  

Photo courtesy of  Katie Rotolo

Photo courtesy of Katie Rotolo

Katie Rotolo
Founder & Yoga Teacher of Set Intentions
According to the World Bank, empowerment is "the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes." For me, women empowerment and feminism go hand in hand. We must establish educational and professional opportunities for women equal to those that exist for men. It begins with giving girls and women access to quality education and culture at a young age, which is restricted in many parts of the world. This empowers them to make informed decisions about their own bodies, careers, lives, etc. Investing in women is necessary to advancing sustainable development. It's been proven that when companies hire and empower women, they have higher productivity levels and better retention rates. We are making strides in the 21st century, but at the current rate of change, we still won't accomplish equality for another 100 years. Women make up half of the population. It's about time we take our half of the pie, socially and economically.

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