Importance of Voting Co. 1

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This week, we’re going political.


Prince Alarming

Prince Alarming

Chanel Samson 
Circus Curator, Host, Musician, Drag King

Voting is a tool, a very important one that speaks to everyone no matter who you are. I’ve been outraged by the discrimination of trans and non-binary people lately. I’ve always pushed for freedom of expression and personal rights; to choose the way you live, as long as you’re not intentionally hurting anyone. I curate The Secret Circus here in LA as well as performing my music Chanel & the Circus and drag king Prince Alarming. Drag helps me to express my masculine side visually and open audience’s minds about gender. The first time I did drag I had an insane burst of confidence and sexuality, my entire physicality changed and it showed me just how intense our environment affects us. 

I have never fit into the term woman or man, for a while it confused me and delayed me from expressing myself. I think gender is an amalgamation of society over the years, the first heels were worn by men, look how we have changed already! It’s so important to ask pronouns, a physical representation of a woman or man carries with it endless assumptions that are not nearly true for everyone and deters people from exploring their truth, for fear of not being feminine or masculine enough. And there’s simply no need. Be who you want dress how you like if it turns you on! You deserve respect and at the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows you. I’ll be fighting alongside you for human rights, the pursuit of happiness. 

Photographer: Elizabeth Estrada   (@ lizestradaphoto )

Photographer: Elizabeth Estrada (@lizestradaphoto)

Aly Nagel
Social Media Specialist & Creator of Don't Call Me Pretty

I became more politically involved as an activist after the 2016 election and worked as one of the organizers for Women’s March LA, where I was made more aware of not only my privilege as a white woman, but also the disparity and injustice for so many marginalized groups. The truth of the matter is, many people from the communities who really need their voices to be heard won’t have the luxury to vote on November 6th. It is my job to use my power and privilege to vote and better educate my white friends so we can show up for marginalized communities and lead our country to the more diverse leadership that we need. We’ve been waiting for these midterms since November two years ago, let’s make our votes count.  

Casha Doemland