Power of Art Co. 1

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This week, we’re discussing the importance of art.



Muralist, Street Artist & Toy Designer

I don’t remember not ever making work. My dad is an artist, so I’ve been making marks from the time I could hold a pencil in my hands.

Art by  Olive

Art by Olive

When I was a kid, I was pretty shy and often selectively mute. Art was my way of speaking out to show others that I have a voice. It was my protector when I fought with schoolyard bullies. It was my escape when I felt misunderstood by my parents and others.

Art has shown me how to explore new ways of thinking and step outside of myself in order to speak about our eternal truths to a broader audience. It’s given me laughter, confidence and solace in private times. Sometimes, it’s a torturous schoolmarm, chiding me for not producing enough, and then fucks with me and works me to exhaustion. It’s brought my closest friends to me and drove away lovers who couldn’t handle the ever-looming competition for my time.

Art has transformed my life in every way it can possibly figure. It inserts itself into every facet of my being, from quiet meditation and communication with the higher levels of collective unconscious to wild raucous celebrations of our humanness.

Casha Doemland