Power of Art Co. 2

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This week, we’re bringing back the importance of art.


Photograph by  Charity Hestead

Photograph by Charity Hestead

Angela Hamilton
Writer & Creator of EcoClub

Growing up, I was very aware of the tension between “art” and “creativity”. Creativity was a word that resonated with me from the time I wrote my first poems in a spiral-bound notebook. In school when someone would call me artsy, I would say, “no, but I am creative.” I crafted my way through high school, crocheted my way through college, and wrote my way through most of my 20s, to where I am now—a copywriter and editor. Art has always felt a little unrelatable, and creativity was like its down-to-earth sibling—it was empowering rather than intimidating.

What has been even more transformative to me is seeing the ways creativity influences and empowers other people. I have a fascination for discovering and furthering the creativity of others—whether it be trudging through pages of Etsy listings for makers to interview or working with small handmade shops to elevate their digital presence. Creativity in others is something I’ve always been drawn to—probably because I see myself in them—and the funny thing is, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it art. Everyone I work with, it seems, is creating art in some way. It doesn’t matter if I’m discovering it online, in a boutique, in a museum, or just within the daily interactions I have while connecting with makers on social media, my own idea of art expands with the creativity I witness.

Maybe it’s not that art has so much transformed my life, but defined it… Even as I struggle to define the word itself.

Casha Doemland